Project Support


Contexts:Network socket.
Function:Turns off and on echo of commands on the serial console.
Required Parameters:Console echo on (default at power up) or off
Optional Parameters:none.

When the STARGRASP controller boots, before the network is initialized, diagnostic messages are sent to the serial console port (9600 BAUD, 8 data, No parity, 1 stop.) After a DHCP (or static IP) address is assigned, the controller attempts to send log messages to the network console, to a process called grasp_receiver which usually runs on tcp port 55515 of the DHCP server host (though the DHCP server can redirect to another host using the "next-server" directive.)

Once "stage2" controller firmware is running and the network console connection is established, all commands sent to the controller still echo on the serial console, too. This should be turned off using the command console off with grasp_cmd through the network, for best performance.

Later versions of the controller embedded code (developed after summer 2011) turn off console output automatically as soon as any network command is received to minimize the chances of console output being generated and unintentionally slowing down controller performance. In all cases, lack of a connection to the network logging program grasp_receiver will still result in serial console output and slow performance.


Controller real-time performance will be adversely affected if the controller is unable to establish network logging, or if the controller is left in console on mode where commands still echo on the serial port.

Any command (or carriage return) entered on the serial console will re-enable console on mode.

Recommendation is to have console off sent as part of the power-on initialization sequence for your detector unless you have newer firmware which defaults to this mode. Even in that case, the command won't do any harm.