Project Support


Contexts:Network socket, serial console, stage2 only
Function:Polls status of non-blocking exposure
Required Parameters:None.


If an non-blocking exposure was launched (see the expose command), the controller has no means to signal the completion of the exposure back to the user. Instead, the exposing command may be used to poll the status of the exposure.

Like the version? command, the exposing command returns data on the socket indicating the status of any exposure in progress. The controller can return one of three statuses:

  • not started: no exposure has been started.
  • exposing: an exposure has been started in the background and is still in progress.
  • complete timestamp1 timestamp2: a backgrounded exposure has completed. The two timestamps are the shutter open and close times respectively. If the controller is synced to an NTP server, then the timestamps will be in real-world time, otherwise they will reflect the controller's uptime at the time the shutter was opened and closed respectively.

Note that an aborted exposure (see the expose command) will show "complete", and the timestamps will reflect that the exposure was cut short.