Project Support

A. STARGRASP Demo Scripts

The following links are intended to be manual pages for each of the highest level "engineering console" or demo commands. We intend to complete the pages below soon. They will describe the (mostly optional) arguments that each command takes. Arguments are always of the form name="value".

  1. config(*) - A script "sourced" by all of the other scripts. It contains global settings such as the name of the camera and the list of controller boardset(s) that control it.
  2. functions(*) - This script is also "sourced" by the other scripts. It contains functions to launch operations in parallel and wait for them, and a few other utilities.
  3. stage2 - Script that makes sure all boardsets have booted the SREC firmware specified in "config". Other scripts may call "stage2 check" at their start to ensure that stage2 firmware is running.
  4. pon - Script that applies bias voltages to the detectors.
  5. pof? - Script that removes bias voltages from the detectors.
  6. reset?(**) - Script that sends a "reset" instruction to all stargrasp controllers.
  7. cal? - Script performs internal ADC offset calibration on each channel of the controller.
  8. setup? - Set the exposure time and type.
  9. clean? - Clean (clear or flush charge) from all detectors.
  10. expose? - Operate the shutter (if under control of STARGRASP).
  11. readout? - Read an image from the detectors.
  12. save? - Save the image to FITS file(s) on disk.
  13. readsave? - Performs a readout and saves FITS to disk in parallel (readout+save).
  14. go? - Equivalent to running "clean ; expose ; readsave"
  15. ot? - Perform an instantaneous parallel shift of the image on the detector.
  16. video - Read frames from detector in streaming video mode.

(*) It may be useful to examine these "scripts" to become enlightened, or -- with the correct permissions -- to change a permanent camera configuration setting, but they are not intended to be called directly by the user.

(**) There is rarely any reason to call reset except when changing the version of the stage2 code. Sending reset removes the controller's ability to manipulate controller voltages but does not power them down first. Use pof for that.