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Toolkit level (extras)

We intend to change the (dead) links below into manual pages for each of the "extras" C programs describing their usage. In this sense, "extras" is the term given to various toolkit-level programs built and isntalled from the software tarball by "maxke extras". These are unsupported tools that are supplied in the hope that they may prove to be useful in some way.

This page summarizes their purpose.

  1. noisetone? - C program. Repeatedly reads out a small area of a device and depicts calculated noise data as audible tones. Useful for providing immediate feedback on changes made to system grounding, etc. without having to refer to a numeric readout on a screen.
    # noisetone
  2. otatool? - C program. Multi-use tool to operate on a MEF FITS file and generate various different outputs, including per-extension statistics, colour-stretched JPEGs of the image data, etc.
    # otatool jmosaic=t test.fits